FLEA CONTROL NYC is the Fastest Growing And The Best Resource for Residential and Commercial Pest Control and extermination services in New York City.We are a force in the pest control industry. Through advances in IPM, new safer technologies, Green technologies and continued research and development along with our friends, like EcoSmart, and Termidor to name a few. Our vision is to be at the forefront of any new and innovative treatment that will insure happy and healthy middle tennessee residents.

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FLEA CONTROL NYC is Going Green. Some folks say you're not really green are you? The right question is "what shade of green are you?" - Using the Most up-to-date science and research breakthroughs in pest control methods with the least impact on the environment is one way. But there are so many others.

What is Greenness? Here at FLEA CONTROL NYC we not only strive for Greenness in our products and services for our customers, but also in our business practices. Green is more than just a catch phrase for the X generation. It is a life style and a way of thinking. For example FLEA CONTROL NYC has now gone to not printing e-mails, and through other practices we have reduced our paper usage by a very large percentage.

Call us : 212-389-1199

You can visit our FAQ to get answers to any questions you may have regarding your Pest Prevention Needs.

Flea control nyc has made a long term commitment to New York City. We have the resources, manpower and desire to serve our clients whether they are a single family home or a large industrial facility. Training and education are a top priority for the Action Technician, our people are experts in the field offlea and tick control and extermination services.

Our mission is to provide safe and effective Integrated Pest Management solutions to our residential, commercial and industrial clients.


Call us : 212-389-1199


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